Tarrant County has a minimum standard when hiring a Deputy Constable. A candidate must have an active Texas Police Officer Certification. A candidate must have five years of full-time law enforcement experience.

Texas State Law, Local Government Code Chapter 86 Constable: Requires and individual running for Constable if elected, has 270 days from taking office to obtain a Peace Officer license or they forfeit the office.

In order to accomplish this requirement by law, my opponent would have to pass a background check, attend a Police Academy, graduate, pass one of the toughest state police exams in the country to become a basic Police Officer at age 60.

My opponent has never had a Police Officer license. Being a substitute teacher for a couple years and doing clerical work as a Truancy Officer/Clerk does not equate to a police certification or time in service as a Police Officer. Extensive training and experience is required to becoming a Constable. A Constable is one of the most complexed positions in Law Enforcement and requires knowledge in both civil and criminal laws. During this time period, Law Enforcement leaders need extensive training and leadership experience. On the Job Training for a year in the Police Academy and Training to become certified should not be acceptable for our Citizens.